Jan 18, 2009

Old friends

I have two of my friends from high school visiting me this weekend. It's only for the weekend, but it's been fun. I hope they are having fun as much as I am. One of them has been to our place 3 times in this past 9 years since I moved here. I hadn't seen the other one for over a decade. We talked to fill up the gap - yes, a lot of updates. I believe we all have changed from what we were when we were in high school, but yet something about it has not changed. Maybe because we know how we were like and how we are now? Or maybe we are aging together (technically, not "together", but you know what I mean?). I have met so many people in my life. Some became really good friends, some not. Some of them are no longer friends, sadly, because of some contentions. Some, well, like these old friends, give me a sense of comfort, like home.

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