Jul 30, 2011

Summer check list

Just a few of items here....

Going to a family camping trip to a lake - check
Fishing at a lake (well, pretend fishing for kids to be exact) - check
Chilling by camp fire - check
Taking a nap at a beach - check
Going to a ball game - check
Bonus: M got to give a hug to the team mascot and J caught a ball!

Loving every bit of summer here - check

Jul 20, 2011

Daily dose of summer goodness

We've been harvesting raspberries from our garden. The picture above is today's crop. As our raspberry bush has grown so much this year, I was hoping that, maybe, possibly, I could make some jam out of our own raspberries, but the chances are very slim. Every time I come in with bowl full of raspberries, they disappear. Our super picky eater M loves them. Yup. That good.

Jul 6, 2011

My little artists

My house is getting filled with kids' drawings, a lot of it. I love to see their progress - evolution of scribbles to circles, then the faces...eventually legs start coming out of head...
But, I didn't want those nice drawings to be just taped up on my newly painted wall. So, here is the solution: frames and fabric covered cork board. I tried to keep both kids happy with fairness. Showcase! I really like M's family portraits. Well, actually, I really like all of them.
M's latest favorite princess movie "Tangled" inspired drawing. She was very clear, although she also has really really long hair (never had haircut in her life of almost 5 years), that Rapunzel has "yellow hair" and M has "black hair", and Rapunzel's hair is really really long and M's hair is just long.


I had breakfast room service yesterday by J - in living room, on the couch.
He even had menu for me.
"Today's Menu is..." said J,
(store brand rice crispy with Nesquick powder - we call it "mama's magic")
SEREOL [Cereal]

hcOKLiT MelK [Chocolate Milk]
POP (yes, he did offered me soda pop for breakfast!)
JOUC [Juice]
Very nice.

Jul 2, 2011


We went to a beach the first time this summer today. It was just a perfect day for a beach day - not too hot but hot enough in upper 80s (I think), light breeze, overcast but mostly sunny... This makes all worth it to live in Michigan. Love it. Yay to summer!Here is a picture of K really, really, NOT wanting to touch the sand!