Dec 21, 2010

Santa House

We finally went to see Santa last night. We thought Monday night won't be that bad. Wrong! The line was so long and we waited more than an hour to see him. But it was well worth it. J and M each wrote a letter with printed pictures of toy they want for Christmas. Baby K was just in awe of the sight of all kind of lights and toys inside the Santa House. Best of all, we did the trip with cousins and had pizzas afterward. The only problem (forget the 20 degree weather and the hour-long waiting line and the 23 lb. baby on my hip wanting to move) that my sister-in-law's camera didn't have the memory stick and I ran out of battery for our camera! Luckily, thank goodness to technology and those smart phones, her husband's phone had a memory stick which can hold 2 pictures and my hubby took videos with his cell phone. Lesson learned? Check batteries (including back-up ones) and memory stick for your camera before you leave for a special trip, like, say, Santa House. For now, I just hope kids' little hearts will do better job than memory sticks.

Dec 3, 2010

Jotting down little things

I need to write things down before I forget...the things that I don't want to forget. It is a journal after all....(I may add some picture later)

Today was my first parent-teacher conference at J's kindergarten. J is just thriving in school, loving being there, and just enjoying everything about it. The teacher told us that J tells his teacher everyday, "Hi, Mrs. M. I like School." "Hi, Mrs. M. I like you. I'm glad you are my teacher." His teacher reminded us how fortunate he is to have both parents who love him and teach him. Yes, we are blessed to be together.
And my husband said to me, "You can do a lot of things, but I don't think you can be a kindergarten teacher." Yap, he is right. I am thankful for public school education!

Baby K turned a year-old. Always smiling, happy child. He had his first black eye yesterday by falling from a high chair at a friend's house. He was poked 6 times at the doctor's office the hour before (oh, poor thing). But my happy baby came back after the first taste of lollipop.

While my husband was driving with just M the other day, they saw a flock of turkeys. M said, "Mmmm, turkeys! I ate turkey at Thanksgiving. They are yummy. Mmmm, I want to eat turkey!" Yap. My kind of girl. She'll never be a vegetarian. Though I don't remember seeing her eating any turkey at Thanksgiving....

Today I made some reindeer (with a Moose-shaped cookie cutter) cookies with leftover gingerbread cookie dough with kids. We sang "Rudolph the red-nose reindeer" as we decorated.

Because of parent-teacher conference, J was home today. It was fun to have him home. He made funny faces and made K giggle so much that we all started giggling. K's smile is contagious, and his giggle is really contagious. I should video-tape next time.

J and I had our own cuddle time as I read books to him tonight. He told me many times that he loves me, and he loves being with me.
Yes, love is spoken here.