Jan 21, 2009

My life with 7 kids

I'm staying at my sister-in-law's place this week to baby-sit her 5 kids while she and her husband are out of town for a business trip. My 2 kids + her 5 kids = 7 kids. Wow!
Here is my morning schedule:
6:45 am - get out of bed
7:00 am - make sure kids eat breakfast (her kids are really good at taking care of themselves)
7:13 am - oldest 3 get out the door with my husband
8:12 am - her younger 2 kids get out the door to catch their school bus

But somewhere in between, I had to squeeze time to;
- hold my 2-year-old "baby" who wants to be held or otherwise scream and cry;
- make sure everyone brush their teeth, pack their lunch and homework;
- try to print one of kids' homework out of super-duper old computer, just to be failed because it was not hooked to a printer (of course!), try to transfer via USB drive, again, to be failed because that computer somehow didn't want to cooperate with me, and try to e-mail from one computer to another, finally after fighting with that for 20 minutes we were able to print successfully.

Yesterday, I got to run to chase one of the kids down the street because she forgot her lunchbox - me in my pajamas in 5 degree F weather. It must have been a quite comical view.
Today is a slow day, but other days I have to go back to my home by 9:00-9:30 am, which is 40 minutes away, on the top of it. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?

But when I was running around this morning, holding my 2-year-old on my hip, saying out loud "7:10 am! Brush your teeth! Did you pack your lunch? Where is your backpack? 2 more minutes guys! Out the door!!" My husband smiled and said proudly, "You can totally handle 7 kids!"
Ummm, thanks, but I don't know about that (mostly because of hard pregnancies I have had, but I won't mention here).

My sister-in-law has always inspired me in many ways(luckily I have many of those). Her love towards her husband and kids, love towards other people, thoughtfulness, creativity and ideas, and most of all, shining light of joy that she is happy and enjoying her life. I believe it's pretty contagious in a good way. Now I am experience just a tiny bit of her daily life, I admire her more than ever. I am learning a lot from her kids things she does as a mother. I can tell kids love her and they know their mom loves every one of them very much. She is a wonderful mom. I'm thankful for this opportunity to let me experience what a mom's life is like with school age kids. It's a good practice for coming years. But, wow, it's crazy! I'd better thank my mom for making breakfast and lunch everyday in my school years!


Lis said...

you are so awesome! 7 kids is a lot.

beckbot said...

WOW. You're an angel.