Feb 23, 2011

You know he is up to something when he is quiet...

Then, all of a sudden, you hear "slop, slurrrp, he he, slop, slop..."

Yap. That was my baby K. Eating food off the floor.
Menu: Cajun-spiced baked tilapia with alfredo sauce, green beans, and rice pilaf.

Okay, that didn't sound good...let me try again.

There was a leftover on the dining table packed and ready for my hubby's lunch. Hubby was out with older kids. Baby K was happily playing, while I was in kitchen doing dishes.
I guess, he was happily playing and eating. I guess my baby is now tall enough to reach stuff on the table. I thought I fed him good. I mean, he ate the whole fillet of tilapia, a good portion of rice pilaf, milk, etc., way more than his big sister consumed for the day.
I thought he was full.
I was wrong.
Sorry, baby, you don't have lunch tomorrow, because K and Leo (our dog) decided to share it instead. I know you were looking forward to it. Maybe K felt bad that Leo didn't have enough food of his own. He is such a lucky dog.

Feb 8, 2011

Getting pretty close to perfect

About a few weeks ago, J decided he doesn't like store-bought bread (when kids are hungry at bedtime, they get only bread-and-butter). He likes "Mama's jam on Mama's bread" for breakfast more than Coco Puffs. Mama's secret? Bread machine "dough" setting. Less work for me, but it does good kneading job for me. Then bake the bread in oven. Oh, the smell of freshly baked bread! I have a feeling that it's going to be a bread baking day.

Feb 7, 2011

Early Valentine's Day date

I went to a date with a very special person on Saturday - my son, J.
It was more like running errands, but it was only J and me, and I'd call it a date.

We went to Home Depot for free kids workshop (they offer every 1st Saturday). This month's craft was of course, Valentine's Day gift - a heart shape shelf. Right away, J knew that shelf was going to become "a perfect gift" for M. He glued, hammered, and put stickers to decorate a one-of-the-kind heart shape shelf, just for his sister M. (I thought I was his date, but obviously he had the other girl in his mind...)

While we were at another place, he saw a box of frozen donuts and was drooling over it. So I suggested, instead of the stale looking frozen donuts, to go get fresh one at our local bakery. To last this Mommy-and-J only time, he requested us to eat our lunch there (i.e., cream-filled donuts and chocolate milk). While we were eating, glancing over my shoulder, he found another perfect gift for his sister (again, I was his date here. But it's okay, I guess. He is a very thoughtful boy) - a brownie with Hello Kitty decoration on the top. So we bought that brownie and a donuts to take home.
It was a good date, he said, but maybe it was more like a trip to get his Valentine's Day gifts....oh well, it was for his sister. And M just loved the gifts so much (not so much of the brownie itself, but, oh yes, the Hello Kitty!).

By the way, the original purpose of me wanting to go Home Depot was to find some paint samples. After living in this house for almost 7 years, I finally got an idea of color theme for our glossy everything beige dining room with antique mahogany dining set (picture below). My husband thinks I'm crazy to even think about painting our house, but I'm ready for some change. We shall see....