Jan 16, 2009

Confidence Booster

I'm not a big fan of McDonald's, or fast foods in general. We eat there only out of necessity, like traveling or something. But tonight, I had no energy to cook or even deal with kids after a long busy week, and had kids with too much energy left. So, we decided to take kids to McDonald's play land for dinner to get their energy out and give Mom an evening off from cooking duty.

And you know, it was worth it. Not the food part of it, but the play land part of it. We were there for more than 1 hour. My son J tempted to climb all the way to the top, but never crossed the tunnel - the wiggly one hang from 20 feet high. He was not sure about the safety of it, or just being scared (I don't want to admit that my son is a bit sissy, you know). He'd say to other kids "Oh, my sister is scared. I need to stay with her right here." (What an excuse!) But his 2-year-old sister decided to go and came down a slide exclaiming "Weeeeee!"

Then, finally, and of course, after I said "That's the last one and we are going home!" he decided to try one more time, with much encouragements from us. His sister was a cheerleader, saying "Go! Go! J!!!" clapping and shouting. It's only a play land, but I was cheering him as if he was in Olympic or something!! And he finally went through the tunnel! Oh, what a moment! (Good thing we had only another family in the room.) Finally, he was able to overcome the fear and savor the joy of coming down the long twisty slide. He just loved it. So, we let them play another 15 minutes to ensure that J is not scared anymore.

We believe our son gained a confidence today. Who would have thought that McDonald's play land helps you boost confidence? Yeah, it was a worth trip for that (and a triple-thick-vanilla shake).

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