Jan 7, 2009

A letter to my son

Dear J,

You are such a sweet little boy. You are so kind and thoughtful, just like your Daddy. It is so nice of you to cover me with a blanket, turn the TV down, and tell your sister to be quiet when I am on a couch resting.

Today, while your sister was taking a nap and Mama was resting in her bed being sick, you were playing so quietly all by yourself. Thank you for the quiet time. I had a good rest. When I woke up, I found you sleeping on the top of the stair case, with your favorite pillow and a blanket. You probably didn't want to wake us up, but wanted to be close by us. It was so cute.

Your favorite food is spaghetti meatball, and you LOVE them so much. I have had so many practices making those meatballs that I am becoming very efficient in making them. And I love watching you eating those meatballs with such happy face. When it's really good, you give me a thumb up while you nod your head with mouthful of food. I feel like I pass a test when I see it.

You are such a strong boy. Even when you were really sick, you didn't complain much. I have a lot to learn from you. I enjoyed our "special date" (i.e., a trip to a walk-in clinic last Saturday) as much as you did, the time just two of us. We'll do that again, just not to a clinic, maybe somewhere more fun.

Everyday I learn something new from you. I am amazed by your bilingual skill at this young age. It is so fun to see you switching languages back and forth without any problems. Sometimes you use them to tease other people. Now, that comes from your father. You are a smart boy.

You are such a funny boy. You are full of imaginations and so many stories to tell. You always have a smile on your face. That's a really good thing. Did you know that your smile really makes other people smile? Isn't that a magic?

You are such a wonderful big brother to your baby sister.
And you are a wonderful son, our precious boy.
I am so happy to be your mom.

I love when you give me a big hug saying "Yoshikun Mama daisuki! ("J loves you, Mama!" in Japanese). I really need daily dose of those.

Will you do that again for me when you are sixteen, please?

your mother


beckbot said...

SO sweet. What a great little guy.

Debbie and Bobby said...

Oh what a sweet boy he is. I'm glad he is doing better, poor guy. I hope you are better too :o)