Jul 31, 2009

It's a boy!

I had ultrasound this Monday. Before the appointment, we asked J if he thinks it's a boy or girl. He said, "I want a boy, but it's probably going to be a girl. And I'm okay if it's a girl." Then we found out that it's a boy! Baby showed the "proof" pretty clear to us, even though he was very wiggly the whole time. Everything looks good and he seemed to be growing healthy. Kids really enjoyed the view of their baby brother on the screen. What a amazing technology! See you in about 4 months, babe!

Jul 1, 2009

Third generation Scoutmaster

My husband is now a Scoutmaster, third generation in his family. So is one of his brother. Third generation Eagle Scout, too. I am so proud of him. He will make a good leader for those teenage boys. I'm sure he'll enjoy camping with bunch of boys as outdoor is his love. He left today for the annual boyscout camp after work. I won't see him till Saturday afternoon. I don't think we have ever been apart for this long (yeah, I know it's only for a few day). Kids and I will miss him. Well, we already do. My friend's husband is an assistant scout leader and he has been there since Monday! I guess I can't complain... She and I will have "Widows' Club" on Friday - nothing fancy. It's just a play date for kids, and for us, well, it's more of stress relief as we'll have adult level conversation (i.e., girls' talk).

What kids have learned lately

Kids and I went to a local farm for strawberry picking, once last week, and again yesterday. They have learned;
- Hand-picked strawberries taste so much better
- J learned to become very good at finding sweet ones
- Some strawberries have funny shapes, some are big, some are small
- And some taste good, and some don't
- Raspberries grow in very poky bushes
- Unripened raspberries have lighter color and they don't taste as good
- They don't come out as easy as well-ripened ones
- Sweet peas come in shells, and they taste actually sweet
- Strawberries cooked in a pot with sugar and lemon juice would eventually turn to be jam
- Mommy's home-made jam tastes like the most delicious thing in the whole world