Sep 10, 2009

Backyard cooking

The other night, I wanted to eat something good, but something easy and quick. Somehow the previous days were all tomato base - grill cheese sandwich and tomato soup, chili and corn bread, chicken gumbo (my sister-in-law's homemade. Ymm!), etc. So, I went through my recipes and pondered.

What do I want to eat???

To get out of my endless struggle of finding menu for the night, I went to my backyard to check my garden for inspiration. And tada! Look at this broccoli!!! I planted way back in the beginning of June. It has been such a small skimpy thing and I didn't even dream that it would produce a head of broccoli. But somehow, I didn't even bother to pull out and just let it stay in his own spot.

Now, look at that!! Just beautiful!!

So, I picked a few other produce from my garden. Oh, I love fresh produce!!!
Then cooked with canned venison meat that my hubby butchered last winter.
I cheated with my sauce - good ol' pre-made stir fry sauce in the freezer.

And tada!
It didn't even take 20 minutes to cook the whole thing (well, after countless minutes of pondering). My tummy and baby were very satisfied after all.

Annual family campout, yes, it was 2 weeks ago...

But, I love this picture. I'm not a photographer, and lighting and stuff is probably not so good. Still, I love this picture. My daughter M and her cousin A. Total 40 people (17 adults, 23 kids, including 4 babies - my hubby's parents, grandma, all of his siblings and their kids) gathered and we had fun. Older kids looked after younger ones, just like the picture below. It was cold, but it was filled with warmth of love - love of family.