Aug 21, 2009

I love my OB doctor!!

My OB doctor just called me on my cell phone, on Friday night. He called me to let me know that the last ultrasound showed that my placenta has moved up! I was told I had partial placenta previa last month. I have been worried. But now it's moved up and I am under no restriction! And he called me on Friday night to let me know! What a doctor!! He has been a wonderful doctor for me and kids ever since I started seeing him (I used to work at the hospital and did a lot of research on which doctor to choose). Now, he passed to another level of awesomeness. Oh, what a blessing!!! I love you, Dr. S!

Aug 18, 2009

Rainy day entertainment

How are these pictures for a rainy day entertainment?

This image was made possible by generous contribution of my boss - my boss provided these funny nose glasses to everyone one the last day of our co-worker. Thanks, Deanna, we still enjoy them, as you see.

Summer Goodness - fresh produce

From my garden!!
My garden started producing more and more goodies! Those yellow tomatoes are called yellow pear tomatoes. And they are so sweet! After I took this picture, I just ate them all!

And the zucchini had a full life - enjoyed by kids in this phase (I couldn't find the bowl after I pour the zucchini bread batter in pan. Then I found it here.)
And, of course, in this phase.
Mmm Mmm Mmm!

Aug 14, 2009

Summer goodness - spray park and local ice cream shop

It's been such a cool summer here this year, but it's been nice and hot this week. So I decided to take kids to a spray park in a city where their cousins live. Their great grandma and their 3 cousins joined us and we had a good time! J has not been a big fan of water in the face. But this time, he was soaked wet from head to toe, going over and under water. Of course, they fell sleep on the way home - it was a good 40 minutes nap for them.
After dinner, we headed out to our favorite local ice cream shop. As part of our local libray Summer Reading Program, every 10 books kid read, they receive rewards. Our (ahem, it's more like my, ahem) favorite is the free coupon for small soft serve.
It was a perfect summer day. I love it.