Jan 27, 2012

Random pictures

 Now my wrists (I have carpel tunnel, but it seems to be doing better since I stopped wearing braces...interesting...) are doing better I can update. 

An ornament I made for annual (?) ornament exchange at work. I was too cheap and lazy to go to store to buy an ornament the night before at 10 am, I decided to make one. It took longer than I planned...but the recipient seemed to be very happy, so that made me happy.
My daughter having a tea party with her animal friends day after family Christmas celebration. It was her first tea party with her own tea sets she got for Christmas. Somehow you see carrots and corn on the cake stand and the tea is accompanied with a bottle of mustard.

 I'm just throwing this - the morning of Christmas, the gifts still intact.
Now, this was in October. Gingerbread skeletons for my son's 7th birthday treats for his class.

And speaking of birthdays, these are the kids' birthday cakes...
J wanted a army tank cake, of course. Flat Stanley was a special guest to the party.

M's request was my little pony. I must have been really tired by the time I finished. I wrote 6, instead of 5. She turned 5, not 6... Oh well.
This was K's. The whole just evolved as I started decorating. And it worked. Vroom vroom!

Now it's full blown winter here and I miss this place and her fresh beautiful produce
(Natalie's place, we call)

Lastly, this was a sign I made from a free cabinet door I got at Re-Store. It was originally $1, but the gentleman gave me for free. Maybe I looked horrible on that Saturday morning... Painted, scrap book stickers added, and ribbon to the hardware holes. Not the original quote, but this one suits better for me and my kitchen.