Jan 16, 2009


I have my daughter M sitting next to me eating applesauce right now as I write this. She loves it so much. I'm glad that I canned 20 some quarts of it. Oh, boy, she is savoring! She is feeding herself with a spoon moving like a airplane flying into her mouth "Vrooooom!" Apple sauce is everywhere - around mouth, nose, hands, hair....you name it. She is working on second right now. At the end of the first serving, she had the bowl upside down over her face trying to lick the last bit of it. Now, I believe she is almost done and decided to play with it. She is singing some her-own-creation-happy-song, playing with the spoon, and experimenting the sound of applesauce squished in her hand.
Oh, there she goes again, her face up, and the bowl upside down.

That's a good applesauce, isn't it?

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