Oct 26, 2010

I didn't know gingerbread man had bones...

Halloween-theme snack for J's class: "Ginger-Skeletons" (that's what J calls). The idea came from Family Fun magazine, and the recipe was from Allrecipes.com. This was my first time trying this recipe, but it was really good. I baked for 8 minutes just like the reviews, and they turned soft and delicious. It's definitely a keeper recipe.
The first thing J told me after he got off the bus today? "Mom! Everyone LOVED the ginger-skeletons!" Yay!

Oct 20, 2010

Obsession with flowers

It started as just to make gifts for little girls. But now, I like flowers on me. Me, the same girl as her wardrobe used to be consisted of pretty much black, white, gray, and khaki - the super basic, kind of boring, but the one you can wear for years (oh, maybe that's my problem...). I don't have the guts to wear these flowers on my hair, but I like them as brooches. Since I made the shirt with flower, I became okay with flowers. So here are the showcase of the week.

2 1/2 inch silky ribbon + candle light + glue gun = scarlet beauty

Inspiration from Etsy + pretty fabric from my friend = Christmas gift for a niece

I think this will look fabulous on my new $4 red sweater from Goodwill

Pretty vintage looking lace from a friend's "ribbons and stuff" box for a shabby look?

My mom would be so happy to see her daughter started wearing pink and flower again, because when I was 10-year-old I decided that I didn't like red or pink, or flower or lace or that line of stuff on me.
Well, maybe I'm maturing a bit.

Oct 14, 2010

Birthday Bash

We celebrated J and M's birthdays this weekend. It was a grand 5-day event!
We went to a zoo on Friday,
(kids being Rino - isn't that cute?)
and went to a children's museum on Saturday.
Then we had a family birthday party.
Here is J's cake - he requested a skate board.
Of course, M's request was a princess Barbie cake.
What 4-year-old girl doesn't want a princess cake?
And opening gifts, lots of gifts.
I think I took a break on Monday....I don't remember.

Then, of course, the cupcakes for J to share with his 20 some classmates on his birthday.
My husband picked up J from school at lunch time and they went for a special Daddy-and-son lunch. We had J's favorite dinner, home-made hamburger, in picnic style in our front yard enjoying cool fall air and colored leaves flowing by. And to complete, we received a box full of goodies and birthday gifts from Japan. What an event!

Oct 7, 2010

Bento faces

A friend of mine inspired me to make my son's lunch more fun - making Bento (lunch box) faces. I remember my mom making Bento faces for me. It was fun to open my Bento box to find faces. I can feel her love. Now as I do it every morning, I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into my Bento for many, I mean many, years. Thanks, Mom! And thanks to my friend for inspiration. I'm sure it's more fun for J to see these faces than just cookie cutter cut-out sandwiches (though I change cutters everyday from a car-shape to an airplane-shape to a train-shape).

So, here is some faces for this week.
(bread crust and craisins glued with beanut butter)
"Missing Teeth" - just like J, missing teeth, and has one wiggly tooth
(Ham & cheese sandwich, top piece of bread with a hole cut out to make mouth.
Decorated with cut out cheese - kitchen scissors does the wonder)

My absolute favorite:
"Blowing Raspberries"
(the orange color of Muester cheese edge inspired tongue,
sliced into the bread for the 3D action!)

I can only hope J enjoys his lunch.