Jan 26, 2009

Eight Things About Me

I got tagged this one by my friend, Liz. This is my first time being tagged.
We'll see...

*8 favorite TV shows (Oh, boy, I don't really watch TV nowadays...plus we don't have satellite or cable. Out of things available to us, I'd choose)
1. Mentalist
3. Eleventh hour
4. Cold Case
5. CSI (original)
7. Curious George (default. It's on every morning. But I like it. I learn things with kids.)
8. PBS Frontline

*8 things I did yesterday
1. Slept in
2. Ate the best sticky buns my sister-in-law baked
3. went to church
4. took a nap
5. played ROCK BAND with family
6. Scored over 400,000 points on "Rock 'n Me" (Of course, the song was in my head rest of the day)
7. Ate the best home-made pizzas my sister-in-law baked
8. Slept in a car all the way home. (Thanks to my dear husband for driving!)

*8 things I look forward to
1. Warmer weather and more sunlight
2. Making something yummy in my kitchen tomorrow
3. Seeing my husband tonight (He is out trying to fix his car)
4. Gardening in spring
5. Next date night with my husband
6. My parents coming to visit this summer
7. A planned vacation this summer
8. A good night sleep tonight

*8 favorite restaurants (we don't really go out to eat)
1. My friend Tami's home made meals (It's not a restaurant, but I think it's best in town!)
2. Mountain Town (local restaurant)
3. Panera Bread
4. Grand Traverse Pie Company
5. Dragon Express (local Chinese restaurant - cheap!)
6. IKEA's cafeteria (good meatball!)
7. Pizza Hut Bistro (surprisingly good pasta)
8. McDonald's playhouse (not for food)

*8 things on my wish-list
*8 people I tag
Sorry, I'd rather skip these two.

Now....Tagged! You are it!

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