Jan 9, 2009

Leo & Us

Tonight, my husband and I went out for a date, a make up one from last week. And we went to see a movie Marley & Me. A friend of mine told me about the story from a book she's read. Each of us have a dog, a Chocolate Labrador, and 2 little kids. Oh boy, I cried. I mean, I cried a lot during the movie. And my husband cried also! I don't remember last time I cried that much during a movie, but I don't recall if he ever cried during a movie. Maybe because we have a dog and little kids. Maybe because other aspects of their lives too.

So, I thought, maybe I can write a letter to our dog, Leo, like I did for my son.

J and Leo (Fall 2005)
Dear Leo,

We consider you as our first kid, a big brother to J and M.

When you came to our home 5 years ago as a 8-weeks-old puppy, you had huge paws and didn't know what to do with the floppy paws when you ran around. Like many people said, you grew into the size of your paws. You are a big 90 lb. boy. I like how you are a beautiful "dark chocolate."

When J was born and came home from hospital, we were a little worried. But soon you became J's brother, a guardian, who watches over the little one. When J cried, you would slowly walk by him and sat next to him till one of us get to him. So, when M came along, you were like a pro. You are always careful around kids.

J loves to have you sleep in his room. We like you there too as a security guard as well as J's roommate. Sometimes J gets in trouble and we try to take you out of J's room, but you often refuse to come out. There is some secret brotherhood bondage going on there, isn't there?

M loves to give you a hug and pat you more than anyone. I have seen her putting some beads necklace around you. Just wait till she starts dressing you up for a tea party. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

You love kids so much. They are just perfect height for you because you are such a big dog. Your happy wiggly tail is a perfect height for kids to get tickled in their faces.

You are so good at not eating food off table. I believe you learned a lesson after you ate an entire loaf of home-made whole wheat bread. Your Daddy was so mad when he saw the empty Ziploc bag on the floor, because he was so looking forward to it that day. But you get your share enough from kids, don't you? We like it too, you know, because we don't have to pick up food pieces off the floor. Oh, it's so nice of you to do that job for us.

You are sure part of our family. Even your nickname tells you that. You are "Stinker", J is "Stinker Pot", and M is "Stinker Pie." Well, I didn't name them, Daddy did.

Sorry if I have ever been mean to you. I probably had a bad day or something. Don't take it personal, okay?

We love you, Leo.

We have our own story just like the movie, "Leo & Us."

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