Apr 26, 2011

More Easter eggs...

Yes, I did decorate more eggs, now with my family. And this year, I decided to skip all the vinegar/dye thing and stick with just markers. It was less mess with kids and took longer time for kids to decorate one or two eggs! M was very concerned when she dropped her egg and got cracked (the very front left one in the pic below), she said "It'll hatch! Hurry!" She thought a chick would come out of the egg! In her mind (as a very picky eater, she never eats boiled eggs or in any visible form of eggs), there is only thing inside the egg shell - chicks! I guess I need to have her help in the kitchen more often....
My hubby did the camo one, of course, for J. I added my lace covered ones from Eggstravaganza for this photo.

This is not a good one, but here is the pic of sugar cookies I made for the family Easter dinner. See the difference from the top left to the top right. As the day progress, the details faded.... Somehow we had 1 piece of cookie left, so lucky J took it with his lunch the next day. I think I'm done decorating sugar cookies in the while...

Apr 22, 2011


I was invited to an egg decorating party today by a friend who is an artist. And it was serious. I mean, her house full of people with creativity was so inspiring!
Just simple combination of electric tapes and rubber bands made such beautiful intricate designs. And I learned that fresh eggs wrapped in fabric with onion skins and barley grains then boiled make such beautiful marble looking piece of art. That was such a fun time!
So, here are some of the pics...
Beautiful bowl of eggs.

The funky looking egg covered with googly eyes is my creation. Shows my personality!?Also, I made a couple of lace covered ones that you can see the instruction here.

Someone made this elegant piece. So I decided to make this.Meet my Ms. Elegant Egg with her proper Easter outfit even with Sunday Bonnet.

Kids were so excited to see them and wanted to decorate their eggs right away. Well, let's do that tomorrow, and let's keep it simple. The serious decoration is only for the grown-ups, or at least those who don't require my intense supervision.

Apr 5, 2011

Housekeeping strike

or maybe I'm turning to be an old lady who wants to just sit and crochet. I can totally ignore my surrounding. I like it (thought my family may say otherwise). Dishes and laundry are piling up, but crafting is so much more fun...
A baby hat for our friend's new baby boy (girl stuff is easier for me to come up with...)
My daughter M's pajama bag
(the idea is that she'd put her pajamas in this instead of spreading out everywhere)
And what is she wearing in this pic? Her pajamas. This is what happens when Mommy refuses to do housekeeping (she was nagging me to finish her bunny).
She was playing "Duck Duck Goose" with her friends.