May 31, 2011

One silly monkey jumping on the bed (a.k.a. crib)

I read one of those "Eight silly monkeys jumping on the bed" books the other night to baby K. He liked it so much that he requested for more with sign. Then, he decided to try on his own. I heard him holding onto the rail and jumping in his crib. At 3:39 am!! He was laughing, giggling, bouncing and just having a blast! This silly monkey, however, didn't fall off or bump his head, so mama didn't have to call the doctor. And it was cute to hear him having fun. But please, baby, not in the middle of the night. So, I did what a good mom would do - put ear plugs in and went back to sleep.

K at his favorite spot in the house
His favorite past time is to line up all the cars on the window sill, looking out the window, and to play with his big brother's cars on the coffee table there.
From there, he has fallen off multiple times AND bumped his head multiple times including one occasion when he got a bruise on his cheek. But he just keeps going back there...I don't think the line "No more monkey jumping on the..." means anything to this little silly monkey.

May 26, 2011

No cavity!

I had a dentist appointment today, not because of supposed-to-be-every-6-months cleaning, but because of a hurting tooth. It turns out that root of the tooth may have an infection (which is not a good news, but it can be treated with antibiotics. No drilling! Yay!!). After at least 4 years of not going to dentist, I had no cavity! Yahoo!!

May 24, 2011


I did it! The first time!! Alfalfa sprouts!!! They are growing in my kitchen. I've always wanted to try. Then a few days ago, I decided to give a try. It was easier than I thought. Sprout People website has very clear instruction and that's what I followed. Only 2 Tbsp of seeds became this beautiful quart jar full of sprouts! We haven't tasted yet, but I think we will have some tonight.

May 11, 2011

Just me and my baby

(Photo taken by Kristin this past winter)

My daughter M is in preschool now for 4 weeks before school year ends. First time in my motherhood life, I am home just with my baby. Just me and baby K. We made smoothie for breakfast. He loved it so much that he had half of mine. How can I say no to his cute smiley demand for more? "Mmmm!" he says. No fighting over attentions. He calls me "Ma-Ma". He brings his shoes to me when we are ready to leave house. Just precious. No TV. I'm listening to Harry Connick Jr. on Pandora. Spring is (finally!) here. It's sunny and beautiful outside.
I love it.
Life is good.

May 8, 2011

Best Mother's Day Ever

It was more like a Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday, my dear husband made a wonderful breakfast, took care of kids for me most of the day, AND worked cleaning up our backyard. Last night, my daughter was up many times, and poor Daddy passed out on the couch.

When I came downstairs, he was still sleeping on the couch (poor thing...he had a plan, but didn't happen because of our sweet innocent little girl who somehow can't stay in the bed at night sometimes), J was drawing up an over-sized greeting card, which I was told that it was secret.

So I quickly went to kitchen to hide. I was told to stay in the kitchen for a few minutes, because there was possibly something special was going on in the living room and Mommy was not supposed to see it.

A few minutes later, J and M came in the kitchen and told me to close my eyes. They took my hands (Oh my gosh, this was SO cute! I almost cried!! Two little hands and their giggles over the excitement of surprise for their mom!!) and lead me to the living room.

There I found, 2 flower planters (they built at Home Depot yesterday), a bird feeder and a bag of bird food, a necklace, and this beautiful corsage.
(It was really tricky to take this picture without capturing my double chin)

My husband didn't just grabbed this out of refrigerator section of flower shop. He had it made just for me. I got so many comments about it at church today. And yes, he loves me. My family loves me. It was the best Mother's Day Ever.

May 7, 2011


This is what I see in my fridge right now.... It's fun to see my kindergartner's writing everywhere in my house. He told me that there is a surprise inside so I can't open it till tomorrow...
Happy Mother's Day!

May 4, 2011

Crossing fingers for a good auction sale

I am just having fun with beads and wires! This set below was just created last night at craft night with my artist friend. I made the necklace, and she made the other. (Well, actually she provided the wire, beads, and made the hooks and ear wires.) The gold color of brass and the almost aqua blue color of beads are such a good compliment to each other. I hope a good auction price for this set.
And here are more pictures of other jewelry going for the auction...

Simple drop earrings
Bracelets with crocheted wire
Green cluster earrings
Like the shoe box backdrop? ;)

May 2, 2011

More good excuses for me to play with beads

My friend asked me to make some jewelry for a fundraiser event (silent auction). When she came by to drop off some of her beads, my face just lit up. She said, "Oh, I can see your tail wiggling!" Yes, I felt like a little puppy excited to play with a new toy!
So, here is the set going for the auction. (not a good photo)
For this bracelet, I used a new technique called wire that I learned today via internet. What a convenient world we live in.... Can you see my tail wiggling? :)Oh, by the way, my sisters-in-law and I may open our own Etsy shop soon. More excuses for me to play with beads! Yippee!!