Jun 26, 2010

A birthday gift to my little friend

A set of origami crane earrings. It was fun to see her exciting face when she opened the box. Happy birthday to my little friend, C.

Jun 16, 2010

Twenty-five pound of goodness

Strawberries, that is. We went strawberry picking yesterday evening to our local strawberry patch. U-pick for $1.40/lb. Did we carry away? Maybe. Bless his heart, my husband took stems off of all the strawberries. Yes, 25 lb. of them. Here is just a handful of the 25 lb. Picture taken by my 3-year-old. This was her breakfast today.

Here is a picture of freshly harvested strawberries from our garden this morning! Mmm!

Jun 14, 2010

Second generation bed-time story

Bidily Bump is the name of the main character in this second generation bed-time story that originally my father-in-law started, and now my husband is telling our kids almost every night. The story is about this cat, named Bidily Bump (correct spelling unknown), going out and about. Kids get to come up with where he goes and what happens. In tonight's story, Bidily Bump went to a park. Then Bidily Bump would encounter an alligator (no name) at some point. Story goes on. At the very end, Bidily Bump would always say, "I may not be very smart, but there is one thing I know..." then tell kids it's just a made-up story, so no matter what happens to Bidily Bump he is okay and kids don't have to worry about him all night.
My husband has fun memories with the story told by his Dad. I hope our kids will cherish through their lives.

Jun 11, 2010

Mini Me

I guess, M has always been a "Mommy's girl", but she has been wanting to be doing whatever I do lately - doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, and even nursing. I sit on my glider to nurse baby K; M sits on her little rocking chair across the room to "nurse" her baby (tuck her baby doll under her shirt). I change side, so does she. I rock the baby and pat on the back, so does she. I put a burp clothes under his chin and pat his back to have him burp, well, so does she. After it's all done, she'd check her diaper to make sure it's clean (I sure hope it is!), put her baby in her little bed, tuck her in under a blanket, and tell her "Nite, nite". Then she tells me "Shhhh. Baby is sleep." It's pretty sweet.

Jun 9, 2010

My "I want to make something" bug

Last night, a piled of rinsed dishes were looking at me saying, "Are you going to load us up in the dishwasher to make us clean?" I said, "No." Instead, I played with my beads to take care of my "I want to make something" bug. Not the best pics, as usual because of my skill or camera or lighting or whatever reasons, but I'm very satisfied by the look of these ladies. And because I took care of my itching bug, I was able to sleep well, till my baby woke up with a diaper full of poop in 4 am.

Jun 5, 2010

Happy Saturday

It was a good day for everyone (or is that mostly me?). My husband took older 2 kids out, and I was able to take care of things I have been wanting to.
Here is why it was a Happy Saturday for all of us:
Me - went to a nursery to buy plants for garden, took a nap, and cleaned and organized piles of stuff, and feel so much better!
Hubby - Went fishing with kids and had a good time
J - Went fishing with Daddy
M - Went fishing with J and Daddy with brand-new Barbie fishing pole!
K - Well, he is just a happy chillin' kind baby

When Mommy is happy, everyone is happy. I was singing along with The Beatles while doing dishes! Thanks to my sweetest dear husband for taking care of all of us. He is the BEST!

Jun 4, 2010

A conversation of 5-year-olds

Here is a conversation between my son and his, also a 5-year-old, cousin A.

J: I'm going to Kindergarten next year.
A: Me, too!
J: But I'm going to Kindergarten that people are speaking Japanese. (He meant his Japanese friends who speak Japanese are going to the same school.)
A: Oh.
A: I'm going to just regular Kindergarten. You know, people speak regular.
J: Regular?
A: Yeah. Like, you know? We say "Hi" and stuff.
J: Oh.

I didn't know two 5-year-olds could carry such a conversation - actually listen to the other person and think through responses. It was so cute to see two of them being excited to go kindergarten next year and talking about it.