Mar 29, 2010

Happy Nappy

This afternoon, I lied down on the couch for just a little bit. Before you know I was asleep. Something about middle-of-the-night-feeding (not so much of sleep deprivation as it used to be, but still not a long stretch as I want to) and juggling 3 kids plus housework, it seems like I can sleep anywhere if I get to close my eyes for more than 10 seconds.
I remember J and M playing Thomas the tank engine train set in the middle of the living room floor. The movie "Curious George" was on the TV. It was nice and sunny outside. Not the perfect sleeping condition in my standard, but the warmth of a blanket overpowered me to doze off. When I woke up, I found M falling sleep on baby K's play mat, J curling up on the couch, and our dog Leo snoozing under sunlight in the middle of kids' room. Baby K was the only one in his own bed. But it didn't matter where and how, we all took a Happy Nappy - that's what we call here. A nap makes us all happy.

Mar 24, 2010

Spending all day to accomplish nothing

The title doesn't sound much of "happy moment" as I try to focus on here. And, not it isn't. There is nothing "happy" about me spending all day to accomplish nothing. I was in fact very frustrated this morning wanting to accomplish just one thing. One. Not ten, or even two. Just one. So I mentioned that to an e-mail to my hubby at work, and here is his response;
In regard to your ‘I’ll try to accomplish one thing this morning….’ You are accomplishing a TON just being a Mommy with the kids. So thank you for doing that much!
How sweet! Here I was unloading dishes from dishwasher, which I attempted this morning, at 10 pm, thinking "What did I even accomplish today???" Then, I remembered what he told me. Just to make me feel better here is the list of things I did this morning; I fed kids breakfast, got recycle bin out, made toast for my breakfast, had a piece of Reese's Puffs cereal from M and agreed that was tasty, cleaned up baby's spit-ups, got Leo (our dog) a bowl of water, took a bite of toast, helped J starting computer, had half cup of chocolate milk to wash down the toast, picked up a crying baby, finished the rest of the toast, attempted M's potty training with much bribing, drew a dog, failed potty training fight, spelled LOG, got in shower, helped J spelling BUG, washed my hair, helped J spelling COW, got out of shower, picked up crying baby, had a chat with a happy smiley baby, nursed him and put him down for a nap for the second time, explained to J what a blowfish is like, tried to unload dishwasher, got a princess sticker on my shirt....and on and on.
Looking back, my day was full. I did accomplish a TON. Nothing like the "one thing" I had in my mind, but a lot of little things. And I think I did pretty good. I have frustrating moments, but I have no regret on the choice I made to be home with kids. One day I'll probably miss these crazy mornings. Thanks honey for your encouraging words.

Mar 11, 2010

Pixie stix and milk shake

Originally, it was going to be a Mommy's time out. It turned out to be a Mommy and J's date. I announced at the dinner table that I was going out for a while. Next thing you know, J was getting ready to go out with me. Well, okay, maybe we can make this a date. How is that? We went to T.J.Max and JoAnn (Mommy's stores), then headed to a local diner PIXIE for some milk shake. Of course, they have Pixie stix at the counter. Yeah, why not? It's a date. So we each got milk shake, and shared one giant Pixie stix. Now J knows what "date" is all about.

Mar 1, 2010


My son J is out with my husband, and the younger two are napping. The only noise I hear is our washer and dryer doing my laundry. It's so quiet. A moments like this reminds me to take a deep breath and helps me to rethink who I am. It is nice to have a little break like this. And I realized how much I love my family. I know I started this blog to remind me. So here are some of those moments I don't want to forget.

In winter, especially with a new baby, I tend to stay inside wishing for a nice weather. But this day, I decided to bundle up with kids and went outside while baby K was taking a nap. Here my angels having fun making snow angels.
"Look, Mom! 'You are under arrest!"
This is what I got before I got "Good morning" one morning. A house got on fire and those 2 little people are surrounded by police and army.
My helpers in kitchen
Define "help"....well, that's another story
My 3-months old K
He coos as if he wants to tell me a story, and smiles as if he wants to say "I love you, Mommy."