Dec 28, 2009

Help from my mother

My mom just left to go back to Japan. She came all the way from Japan to here just to help me after the baby was born, all by herself. I'm so proud of her. She stayed with us for 3 weeks. Older 2 kids had a lot of fun with their grandma. I got a lot of rest. She cooked a lot of yummy Japanese meals for us. She cleaned the house and did all the dishes. I mean, all. I don't remember touching any dirty dishes this past 3 weeks. I'm so spoiled. It was like having a magic wand. We put dirty dishes in the sink, and Poof! They were gone! When I woke up from naps, there were nice hot meals ready on the table with wonderful aroma. Oh, it was so nice! I think kids' Japanese skill improved too.
It is so brave of her to travel this far all alone. But she is a world traveler now - a petite Japanese grandma in First Class with a lap-top. Pretty cool, huh? She told me today right before her departure that she determined when I was born (30 some years ago) that she would come help her daughter when grand-babies were born. Well, I don't think she was counting on traveling this far. Should I make that promise to my daughter? Maybe. I'll think about it.
Thank you so much, Mom!

Our new addition

It's about time to update my blog.
Our 3rd child joined our family on November 29, 2009.
He was the best Christmas gift of all.

Picture taken by my friend Kristin.