Mar 12, 2009

Theme "Creation" updates

Update from yesterday, "Creation of the day" - Burrito dinner, from scratch. Tortilla, beans, Spanish rice, and the meat. I will post recipe on my recipe blog site soon. If you would like to be a contributor, let me know.

Today's "Creation of the day" - a clean kitchen. It sounds lame, sort of, but it "created" a calm and peace in the kitchen. That's still a creation, right? Starting with normal washing dishes routine and around the sink, counter top, then onto to stove top, to over the stop vent, and fridge wall. No, I didn't mop, but it was good enough creation for the day. Oh, I baked another batch of french bread. That counts too.


carizolli said...

YAY! You have a recipe blog! I LOVE FOOD BLOGS! I'm a big fan. I'm adding it to my Google Reader as we speak :)

P.S. That looks so yummy!

Lis said...

You continue to amaze me with your talents and the Joy that you share. your dinner looks great! I really need to start taking more pictures.