Mar 31, 2009

My super hero

J wanted to be Batman. After some on-line research and pondering for material sources, I made batman (well, sort of) mask out of black craft form and rubber bands. Here is a picture of Bat-kids. Two of my kids and their friend.
But, of course, the mask itself didn't satisfy his heart. So he wanted to have a whole outfit. I challenged him to think about how he can do it, and here is what we came up with. J had all the ideas, and my husband and I did assembling part. The spiky gloves were tricky, I thought, but J already had idea in his mind and walked me through it.
Oh, after this picture, he corrected me to put the bat logo on his chest, not on the belt.
Now he is ready to protect us!

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carizolli said...

You're raising crafty kids. I love that he came up with most of the outfit ideas on his own.