Mar 24, 2009

He's got my genes

J had a rubber band taped up on the tip of a pencil. He tried to explained to me that he wants to make a thing like Ashitaka uses in Princess Mononoke. He used every gesture imaginable to explain what he wanted. "Ah! I know exactly what you want!" I exclaimed. He wanted a bow and arrows! I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to play "knitting." No way knowing how to knit, I made my own pretend-knitting tit - 2 pencils taped up with a piece of fabric. Hmmm, it sounds familiar? He's got my genes! So, I got out a few more rubber bands, scotch tape, a couple of disposable chopsticks, toilet paper roll, card stock paper, and a ribbon...and Voila! Scotch tape makes anything possible! J loved his own bow and arrow set. And I loved being a kid again making it. It was fun to see J's eye just glowing as he saw what those random items becoming to be.
Believe or not, this arrow really flies!
J was happily pretending to be Ashitaka
As I write this, J said "I want to be like Batman using this" handing me a handkerchief. Oh, boy. Okay, I'm coming!

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Lis said...

What a cute idea. J is such an imaginative child.