Mar 7, 2009

Did I mention I love my husband?

We went out for a date last night. Thanks to Papa (my father-in-law) for baby-sitting. It was nothing extravagant We went out for a dinner (thanks to my dh's co-worker for a gift certificate), rented some movies, and went to Tim Hortons. Oh, it was great! We talked and ate and talked and laughed and talked and giggled and talked and laughed. I laughed so hard I even got some ab work-out! He is such a funny guy. So much fun to be with. And I love him dearly. It was a fun date night. Thanks, honey. You make me laugh and, of course, happy, very much.


The Mink Family said...

Hey!!! I'm so happy to have found your blog!! OK, here's the deal.... the whole "Pay It Forward" thing is simple. My sister in law did it and so did Sarah Cassavaugh... so I thought "What the heck..." so I did it too. It doesn't appear to be a big deal.... and quite frankly, I was looking forward to having a reason to "craft"... so this seemed to fit the bill. If you decide to do it.... feel free to "cut & paste" the information from my blog and put it on yours. (As far as I'm concerned.. the "gift" doesn't even have to be "home-made!... just a "kind gesture"...ya know?) But do whatever you want!! I'm just happy to have found YOUR blog!! Love, Maria

Lis said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful date night.

carizolli said...

That's so sweet! I haven't been out alone with my hubby in too long!

I'm glad you guys had fun.