Nov 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Left is J's and right is M's

I stole this idea from my friend's fridge - she had her kids' posted on the refrigerator door.
These turkeys are made out of kids' hands and feet (do you see foot prints being upside down?). Instead of using paint, I traced their hands and feet on color papers, cut, and glued.

My sister-in-laws have walls of kids' art gallery, and they decorate them with accumulated kids' crafts each season - Thanks giving, Christmas, name it. Those fun stuff show up every year - wall full of pumpkins, turkeys, Santa, etc. You can see the growth of kids as you see changes in detail of the drawings. Some has gotten very sophisticated, like drawings with some computer program (I'm not sure if I can do that). I have always admired that and have been waiting for the "till kids are old enough" moment. But, those turkeys on my friend's fridge reminded me that kids don't have to be in school to make special decorations for the season (I'm sure we'll get a lot more once they start school ). That moment is NOW.

J was not sure why I wanted to trace his hand and foot, but his eyes got so bright when he saw those of his turned to be a turkey! He was so proud of it. And he is so proud of the turkeys being posted on the wall in our dining room. I found a spot for our kids gallery!

I remember growing up, there was a small section of living room wall where it was covered with all kinds of drawings and calligraphy of mine. I don't know who started it, but I remember I was proud of "my gallery", as if those drawings and calligraphy are saying "Look at me!"

There are drawings from when I was only 2 1/2 year old (she even dated! Thanks, Mom!) that my mom kept for me. I am so grateful that she kept them for me. Now they are in frames (pictures of my brothers, and I know which one is who!) and put up in M's room as decorations. And I cherish them.

Maybe that's how J sees his turkeys on our dining room wall.


Debbie and Bobby said...

I can always count on finding something creative on your blog!

Lis said...

Your turkeys are darling!