Nov 9, 2008

Indian Summer

We had a nice Indian Summer last week. It was nice and sunny, upper 70's (70 degree Fahrenheit). Just beautiful! (by the way, we had snow today....yap, we are in Michigan after all.)

Beautiful leaves on our front lawn. I love the color of our temporary front lawn "carpet."

Raking leaves in a T-shirt and boots!?
J was having fun burying her sister in the piles of leaves, and M just loved it!

J and a "giant" leaf, he said.

Yes, this back-to-T-shirts weather in November is very rare here in Michigan. But we sure enjoyed it for almost a week. It was a nice Indian Summer.

Later that day, kids enjoyed watching city workers gathering leaves with front loaders. It was cute to see kids lining up over couch, looking out the window, and exciting over what was going on in front of their eyes.

Tonight, we had some snow. Yes, it's November. After that nice surprise warm weather last week, I'm okay with that. And I feel charged up enough that I am ready to face our coming long winter.

J is looking forward to making snowmen and meeting with Santa at Santa house.

Umm...maybe after we eat turkey, then I'll think about it. How about that?

I like how he is always excited about the next coming season, instead of being sad about the past season no longer there. He sees changes and looks forward to more changes to come.
That's a good attitude that I can learn from him.

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Ginny said...

We have so enjoyed the beautiful weather lately though it seems like the winter chill has set in and is here to stay. Love your leafy pictures!