Dec 1, 2008

My lil' chef

On Thanksgiving morning, I gave my husband and J haircuts. To bribe J to get a haircut, I told him, I'd bake cookies if he let me cut his hair.

So, I decided to try a new recipe, sour cream sugar cookies - a recipe from my friend. Original one is called 1962 Betty Crocker Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Cookies, but she modified - 100% butter instead of part butter and part shortning, bake at 400 degree F, and frost the cookies instead of sprinkling sugar.

I started the process while he was getting a bath with his Daddy.
J came out of bath right when I started rolling the cookie dough, of course. (You notice here that he just got a bath!)
Usually, he would play with the cookie dough, making construction site or building a fort...

But this time he really baked his cookies - he rolled, cut out, placed on a cookie sheet, sprinkled sugars, and baked in his small oven, a toaster-oven!

It's a serious business!
My little chef J

I had only red sprinkle sugar, and they almost look like for valentine's or Christmas or some other holiday, but hey, he did a good job. The right bottom corner one is an up-side-down turkey shaped cookie.

He baked them just for his cousins. He didn't want to eat them. He wanted to take them to the Thanksgiving dinner at his Papa and Grandma's to share with them. Isn't that sweet?

And you know he said?
"I'm not eating them (red cookies). They are for my cousins. No one eat them before we go there, okay? But I can eat Mommy's cookies!"

Yes, he ate the cookies I baked, not his. His cousins loved them. J was very proud.

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