Nov 15, 2008

Chocolate chip for breakfast!?

Yesterday morning, J and I had a small "discussion" over breakfast.

J: "Mama, I'm hungry."
Me: "What would like for breakfast?"
J: "Chocolate chips!"
Me: "Uh, no. That's not a breakfast item." (though I may have had chocolate chips for breakfast, personally, but as a mother I can't let my kids do such a thing...)
J: "But I want chocolate chips!!"
Me: "But I said NO! "
J: "How about cookies?" (of course with his cutest grin)
Me: "No. You may have cookies after breakfast, but you are not having cookies for breakfast! How about cereals?"
J: "No. I want you to make something."
Me: "Like what?"(Oh, dear. Here comes. I'm not even awake enough yet, and he wants me to make something....)
J: "Hamburger!"
Me: "Hamburger!? I'm not making hamburger for breakfast!" (Nor will I eat it!)
J: "Macaroni & cheese?"
Me: " about pancakes? That's a good breakfast."
J: "Pancakes? Hmmm...Okay! I can help you making pancake!"

So, we made pancakes for breakfast, together.
I measured, J mixed. I cracked eggs, and J "crushed" eggs using wrisk, with "Yah! Yah!" noise. Yap, he is a boy.
I started scooping the batter, then J said "I want to do it! I can do it!"
So, I let him do it...
Of course, batter, batter, everywhere....but he did pretty good.
J poured batter, and I flipped.
Oh, I can't wait for the time he will cook for us all by himself. That would be nice.

And he wanted to cut out pancakes with cookie cutters.
Choices of the day: car, train, and ghost
Why ghost? Guess when was the last time we made cut-out pancakes?
He ate 1 car, 1 ghost, and 1 train pancakes.
It was fun for both of us.

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carizolli said...

I love cooking with my kids! It's messier and always takes longer, but it's so much fun!