Nov 2, 2008

Horton Hears a Who!

2 kids movie ticket: $0
2 Adult movie tickets: $5.00
A large popcorn bucket: $5.00
Watching a movie at a movie theater as family: priceless
(Yes, I know I have use this trick once, but I still wanted to use it. Sorry!)

Today, we went to watch a movie Horton Hears a Who! at a local theater (part of Dove Family Film Festival). We never go to theater to watch movies, but with this price, we couldn't resist. Plus, it was M's first time watching a movie at a theater.

It was really fun watching her giggling and clapping during the movie.
And she sat still the whole 88 minutes of it, half of it on my lap, with her favorite blanky.
I enjoyed the snuggling time with my daughter.
It was a good movie. I enjoyed the story.
It was such a fun family time.
Thanks to my husband for the suggestion.

It was a good Saturday.


Debbie and Bobby said...

How fun! What there a special for free tickets for the kids?

carizolli said...

I want to see that movie SO BAD! I tried taking my family when it was at our $1.50 theater but Jenalyn was so sure it would be too scary! *pfft* We're going to have to rent the DVD so I can prove her wrong.

Lis said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and family time is always great!