Nov 23, 2008

Oh, Deer!

According to some website:
estimated population in state of Michigan in 2006: 10,095,643
estimated deer population in state of Michigan: 1,702,000 deer

Now, that's a lot of deer, isn't it? Human to deer, almost 5 to 1 ratio. (Am I doing the math right?)

Where we live, I believe, we have more deer than human being.
And here we are having deer season.
So my hubby has been going hunting to provide meat for our family.
(Ahem, he hasn't got one yet, Ahem.)

One of his co-workers was generous enough to share a deer with us last week.
Oh, no, not just a block of meat.
A DEER. The whole thing.
As a Innocent, naive girl (ahem, it's me, in case you wonder), I couldn't watch the butchering part of it.
So my sweet dear husband did that part of it, in a cold cold weather.
All I saw was really just blocks of meat in a large bowl. Nice lean meat.
No bones, no hairs, no fats. Clean red meat.

We cut them into roast, steak, cubes for later use.
Most of them went to freezer, but we also canned some of them.
We even made hamburgers - ground deer meat. I love making spaghetti sauce and chili with it.
Here is the pic.
It was fun watching how meat being ground. As you notice, my husband is the one grinding it.
Isn't that cool?
Thanks to my friends for letting me use their equipments. We will be eating well this winter!


beckbot said...

oh, i love deer meat! (Doesn't it have a different name... venison or something?) Anyway, we had some a few years ago from a friend also and made some killer chili out of it. I love how lean it is!

Mark said...

Thanksgiving day and still haven't gotten one... I have seen plenty, just haven't had a safe shot to take yet...