Oct 23, 2009

The first visit from Tooth Fairy - my 100th post!

Tooth Fairy came to our house for the first time this morning. "How did she get in our house?" J asked. I said, "I don't know. What do you think?" He said, "Well, Tooth Fairy has a magic wand, so she can come in." Actually, more concern for him was Tooth Fairy NOT taking his tooth this time...

J went to a dentist yesterday for his first dental procedure. He had a cavity. Yes, a cavity, a big hole, in his baby tooth. I felt like a bad mother...but, that's another story. So, my dear husband took a day off and took J to a city 1 hour away from here for his dentist appointment, where they removed a tooth, cap another one, and drilled and filled another - total 3 tooth fixed in over an hour!

J didn't cry and he was very proud of it. He asked Daddy, "Daddy did you hear that I didn't cry?" Daddy was a bit confusingly said, "You mean, I didn't hear you crying? No, I didn't hear anything. You didn't cry, did you? What a big boy!"

Another thing he was proud was his little treasure box that his tooth in. So, here is where his concern comes from. Usually, Tooth Fairy takes a tooth and leaves some money, But also, usually, those teeth are the ones come off naturally, not taken out by a dentist, in J's book. So, this was a very special tooth for him. He wanted Tooth Fairy to come and leave him some money, but he did not want her to take his this special tooth away. He debated for a long time, and also worried about it for a long time before he went to bed.

When the morning came, J found that Tooth Fairy was nice enough not to take his tooth and left him some money - 41cents - a quarter, a dime, a nickel, and a penny. He was so excited and so happy! His very first visit from Tooth Fairy went pretty good - she gave him what he wanted, both tooth and money. Tooth Fairy is "a very nice person," he says. Yes, she is, isn't she?

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