Oct 16, 2009

"You are the best mom ever!"

As I was coating marinated chicken pieces with mashed potato flakes and bread crumbs, J came into the kitchen and watched what I was doing. He wanted to smell everything I was using, the chicken marinade, the seasoning salt, etc. Then he said, "Mom, you are the best mom ever!" Honestly, I was tired (maybe possibly something to do with pregnancy), and tired of making meals everyday. But J changed that whole thing. He was jumping up and down and hooraying over the dinner to come, praising me how good of a job I was doing coating the chicken and placing them on a baking sheet, and loving the smelling coming out of the oven. He even found a shape of a heart in one of those chicken wings, and wanted to save it for his friend (It was Audry, for those who know who she is). He gave me a big hug while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and the big smile and a thumb up for the delicious dinner according to him. He thanked me many times. I think that comes from his Daddy, who treats his wife like a princess.
I am such a lucky girl.


Lis said...

What a sweet thing J is. Sometimes when I am feeling down the sweetest and most up lifting thing are heard coming out of my children.

beckbot said...

Josh is such a little darling! I love how he tells everyone (adults included) that they did "a good job."