Oct 27, 2008

Girls' Time Out

Two of my friends and I went to a girls' time out trip to IKEA on Saturday.
It was a lot of FUN!
We talked, talked, and talked without any interuption.
Thanks to all of our husbands to make this possible.
It was a good 1 day vacation for Mommys.

By the way, one of my purchased items was well loved soon after I came home. It's a roll of drawing paper. I covered the entire dining table. We all sat around the table and drew for a good 1 hour. That was fun too!


Debbie and Bobby said...

Oh that sounds like fun! I love Ikea, but I could get into trouble there. My brother and sister in law live like two minutes from it.

carizolli said...

Ahhh...a girls day out at IKEA sounds heavenly! I wish we had one closer. The nearest is 2 hours away.