Oct 18, 2008

What matters.

When kids are quiet for a long time, we wonder what they are up to, right?

While I was occupied in the kitchen canning more applesauce yesterday, my son J and his good friend A were playing very well. They were playing so well. No screaming. No crying. Playing well quietly.

"Hmm? What are they up to?"
I wondered.
This is what I saw.

And, this is what was going on.

A pair of scissors
a bunch of beads necklace from a parade.

"Mama! Look! I made seeds for my garden out of beads!"

Yes, they were cutting those beads into pieces....But, they were contained in a box. So, I was okay with that. Carrots, beans, peppers, egg plants and tomatoes, he told me. Just like our garden. They are just made of beads. But he is going to plant them and grow them, in his mind.

Because I have been in kitchen a lot this week, our house is full of toys. Toys, toys, everywhere. Toys on the floor. Toys on a couch. Toys on a dining table. And, toys on our bed.

When a friend of us showed up this morning to pick up my husband, I said "Sorry for our mess. Come in and have a seat, if you can find a spot." But he said, "Don't worry about the mess. It seems like kids are having fun."

Yes, our kids are having fun.
That's what matters.
Not a spotless house.
Yes, our kids are happy.
That's what matters.

I like a clean and organized house where I can feel calm and peace, but that comment really made me feel better and happier. And I became okay letting our house be full of toys, at least for the day.

Is my house picked up now? No. I am surrounded by toys (I'm on a couch with PBS on). Dining table is still full of dishes from lunch. But, I'm happy.

That's what matters.


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carizolli said...

I love it! Little J is exercising his green thumb! that's so cute!