Oct 18, 2008

Alternative Heating!?

Sugar Cookies for a Baby Shower

Halloween Cookies

Apple Pie


Apple Turnovers

Our house has been very warm this past week because of all the baking and canning that I have been doing.

Can I call it Alternative Heating!? Please?

Not only these things make our house warm, they make my heart really warm.
I like cooking, baking and canning, but I LOVE watching my family and friends enjoy eating them.

I don't even eat much of these cookies.
I just want to watch my family and friends enjoy eating them.
That's enough for me.
No, that is what I like about.
It's fun creating things, but it is so much more fun to see those happy yummy faces.
It's kind of addicting.
I want to see those happy yummy faces.
More and more.

My husband's "Mmmm!!!" is the best prize ever.

My kids' request for "More!" is the best compliment.

My mom is a good cook, a very good one.
She doesn't seem to mind spending many hours in kitchen cooking many delicious dishes because she enjoyed watching her family and friends enjoy eating what she creates.
Many times, I remember, she made things that she didn't even eat much of.

I used to think, "Why would she cook things that she won't even eat?"

Maybe I started to understand why.

Maybe it is genetic after all.

Thanks mom for giving me good cooking genes.


Lis said...

Wow girl you are super talented! Miss you!

Ginny said...

Wow! Those cookies look amazing...I'd almost feel bad eating them except they probably taste even better than they look!

carizolli said...

I'm that way about food too. I love pleasing people with food...except I like eating it too! *heehee*

beckbot said...

Those cookies are so perfectly iced. Now I'm craving sugar cookies...