Oct 21, 2008

Farmers Market

I love Farmers Market. Here in Michigan, it's almost the end of the season. But I just love to see all the fresh produce piled up. They are so beautiful without some artificial lighting. We enjoy every summer.

My kids love it too. Well, they have one favorite section - a honey stick vender (link is just a reference). They get to purchase their own honey stick with 2 dimes. Sour apple, raspberry, watermelon...they have so many flavors. J usually pick based on color.

So, J decided to have his own farmers market here.

Remember those beads seeds from the alst post? He put them into those tiny spots on Duplo truck. "Look! Farmers Market! This is how farmers carry cucumbers and tomatoes to the market."

I'm so happy to see my son learning how seeds grow to be vegetables, and knowing those vegetables come from farmers and gardens, not from store shelves in plastic bags.

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carizolli said...

That's a cute story. I love that he loaded up the truck with produce :)