Apr 3, 2010

A whole new world of cooking

I made Tabouli for the first time this week. While I was taking a break from chopping vegetables (I was making for 60 servings), I wrote an e-mail to a friend saying, "I am making Tabouli. I have no idea what I'm doing, but you are going to eat it tomorrow." I guess she got a good laugh out of my comment. It turned out it was a hit (or at least those girls were nice to me). So I decided to post my version of Tabouli recipe on my food blog (which has not been so active. Shhh.). This is based on 2 different recipes with some adjustments and tweaking. Oh, and the measurement there is totally "guestimated" amount. My husband tells me that he never gets tired of my cooking because it tastes different every time even if it's a same dish.
Now I want to try making pita bread and humus. I was really tempted to start making something, but I realized that it's past 10 pm. I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow. Pita and humus can be part of Easter dinner, right? Happy Easter.

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