Apr 17, 2010

Mommy and daughter time

I went out for a Mommy-and-daughter time tonight. Having 3 kids, one being a baby, and one being a very curious 5-year-old who just can't wait for school to start, my 3-year-old daughter who is now a middle child has been needing a little more attention. She never complains, but I noticed that she tends to spend time quietly alone, while her older brother talks like a machine gun and tries to get Mommy's attention every second of the day, and the baby brother, well, being a baby. But us going out alone this evening was my husband's idea. "Why don't you two go out and have fun? Don't worry about time. I'll take care of the other two." (Have I mentioned enough that he is a wonderful man?) So, off we went. Where? Shopping, of course. Well, not like fancy dress shopping spree type of thing. It was more like getting some milk and checking out a craft store. Still, it was our special time together. We found some good looking strawberries, and she decided to buckle the container of strawberries so that she can keep an eye on them. She enjoyed looking at pretty beads at a craft store, and told me that she wanted to wear pretty beads earrings like Mommy. To finish out evening, we went to our local diner for some milkshakes. I asked her, "Strawberry shake, or chocolate shake?" She said, "Chocolate!" Yes, she loves chocolate, but also she loves pink, so I got one of each to see which one she picks. Sure enough, she decided to drink PINK shake. I guess color matters more than taste in her case. After we came home, she was happily telling Daddy how fun it was. It was really fun. Thanks, honey. You are such a wonderful Daddy and a husband.
Me and my daughter - Summer 2009


Kristin said...

Cute, Cheiko! I need to go on more 1 on 1 dates with my girls, too. You've inspired me!

Debbie and Bobby said...

such a beautiful girl! Glad you had some time together