Apr 16, 2010

My latest creation and not-so-latest creation

This is my latest creation - pot holders. I was invited to a bridal shower. But no gift registry yet. I heard that she doesn't have much, and also she likes blue, green, and brown. Hmmm... So I decided to make pot holders out of scrap fabrics. These fabrics look familiar?
That's probably because of this.
This is my not-so-latest creation - a baby quilt for our baby K. I had perfect number and size of squares left from this quilt to make those pot holders. I am very happy about the results. I hope the bride doesn't mind they match to my baby's quilt.

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Cassavaugh Family said...

You are amazing! Those are SO cute! Brown blue and green huh... That is good to know. Thanks for posting. I must admit that although many Tuesdays I have been too booked to make it to quilt days I'm also reluctant to go. I went to a quilt thing awhile back and I had to really suppress the urge to go buy everything under the sun and start a new hobby. Problem is I would buy it all then have buyers remorse because I am too busy for hobbies. Nope, make it my hobby is just building a museum and figuring out autism, that's all. So for now I just admire all of the cool stuff everyone else does.