Apr 12, 2010

In sickness and health

Today was my first day up and moving after being sick for several days from a suspected food poisoning (from funny tasted apple juice, I believe). How grateful I was this morning to be able to eat and not feeling pain! How wonderful it was (but also kind of painful, but in a very good way) to feel the hunger! I could not believe how happy I was to be able to just eat food and taste without feeling pain! It was almost like after the first step I took after weeks of recovery from a knee surgery many years ago. Showering, packing kids up in a car, and other rather dragging routine seemed like a joyful privilege. Taking kids to a park and sitting in a sun was such a treat. Visiting friends and watching kids playing joyfully was delightful. Being able to stand in the kitchen to make dinner...oh my! I can't even describe. And the food tasted so good!! I didn't know how the flavor of garlic and olive oil and asparagus and bacon and Parmesan cheese would taste that good. I am very very thankful for my health. Sometimes we take granted too much. Life is good.

Oh, by the way, I love my husband. He did so much for me. But I probably should make whole another post about just about that. It shouldn't start by "oh, by the way..."