Dec 18, 2008

Time really flies in December!

I was reminded by my boss that I haven't updated my blog. Wow, time really flies in December!
Here is one of belated updates. Thanks, Deanna for a reminder!

On December 6, we as a family were in our local downtown Christmas parade - the Dickens Christmas parade. We joined with my co-workers and their families. It was a really cold snowy day, but kids had a good time being in a parade. J enjoyed tossing candies to the crowd and M was waving just like a princess. (The below picture is from our local news paper.)

Week of December 8, I was baking many kinds of cookies almost everyday to make plates of cookies - plates for our neighbors, plates for our friends who have been attending our kids while I work, plates for gatherings, plates for a Sorry. I was a bit busy between sugar-high kids (they might have had some cookies for their breakfast and lunch....maybe) and piled-high dishes. A plate of cookies for you? If you haven't got one, I'll take a request! Delivery before Christmas is not guaranteed :)

On December 14, I joined my friends and went out for a caroling. My kids are still too young, so my dear sweet husband volunteered to stay home with kids. I had a good time singing along with good alto, tenor, and bass.

Did I mention I love this season? It's been busy, but full of fun and happy moments!

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