Dec 6, 2008

Martha Stewart moment

I have been often told that I am frugal, resourceful, or thrifty. I love those words. I take them as compliments. I guess I like the sound of "resourceful" the best. It sounds wise and smart and...I don't know, it just sounds nice. I love creating things without buying things.

Here is my little Martha Stewart moment (minus elaborate price tag) today - I made my real Evergreen Wreath for the first time.
Oh, I am so happy how it turned out!!!
Thanks to our local tree farm, I got extra branches for free on Monday when we went to pick our Christmas tree. A frame from a craft store was only $1.50. And I already had a ribbon.
And Ta-Da! Woo Hoo!
Ahem. Um, sorry, I was just excited...
Here is my creation

Here is after mess
The part Martha won't show.


Lis said...

Your wreath is gorgeous!

Ginny said...

Look at you! That is a great idea and I bet it smells great.

beckbot said...

I love it. I was just looking at wreaths on I'd love to try a fresh one like yours.

carizolli said...

Great job! It looks beautiful. Every year I promise myself I'll get a real pine wreath/swag just for the smell...but it hasn't happened yet. You inspire me.

Debbie and Bobby said...

nice job!