Dec 1, 2008

Family night - trim a tree

As a family night tonight, we went to cut our Christmas tree at a local Christmas tree farm.

Here is J with our snowman-themed tree. The theme of snowmen started from my bridal shower. My sister-in-law's idea: each guest bring an ornament that reminded them of us. The result: a lot of snowmen. And I love them!

I love the smell of fresh-cut Christmas tree.
I love the smiles of all the snowmen on our tree.
I love everything about this season.

My husband knows this is my favorite season, and he does everything for me so that I can enjoy this season 100%.

He suggested to go get a Christmas tree today so that we can enjoy the tree for a month.
He put Christmas music on. We sang. We danced.
He held the tree up, so I can decide what angle I like the most.
He walked around the tree right next to me holding a bundle of lights, so I can place them where I want.
He helped me get ornaments out of boxes, so I can decorate them.
He took care of kids tonight all by himself, so I can enjoy decorating the house.
He did everything else for me so that I was able to enjoy the process of decorating our house with Christmas decoration.
Is this selfish of me? Or selfless of him! What a guy!
Thank you, honey! I really enjoyed it!

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Lis said...

I love the snowmen tree and what a cute bridal shower idea. I think it's so cool that M takes the time to let you enjoy the holiday decorating. I miss ya!