Jan 28, 2010

2-hour vacation

So, last week went well. I survived the week with 8 kids and 2 dogs. By Friday, though, my stress level was going up pretty high. I just needed a break, from kids, dogs, housework...all of them. I called my father-in-law and see if he could watch my kids for a little while. He graciously accepted my request.
He said, "One time I came from work. Mom (his wife)'s hair was about to be on fire. So I gave her a checkbook and told her not to come home for at least 3 hours. I told her that I won't let her come in unless she was gone for at least 3 hours. I know you love your kids, but sometimes you need a break. I'll be more than happy to watch your kids. Take your time. "
So, off I went. Time away from everything, all by myself. I don't even remember that I ever talked to anyone unless I had to at check-out counter. I enjoyed the silence and slow pace. I went to a couple of stores and just looked around and around without feeling any pressure. I stopped by at a thrift store to see if I could find anything good. Oh, my! I found 1 skirt, 2 jackets, 3 pairs of jeans/pants, 4 shirts, a pair of boots, all under $3.50 each. What a bonus!! It was a very good 2-hour vacation.
After I came home, I cleaned up my closet to make up rooms for those new (well, not really new, but new enough for me) items. And I said good-bye to those clothes I hadn't worn for a while. It was a good therapy.
It is so nice to have a very understanding father-in-law living near by. And kids all behaved well for Papa. Mommy got her sanity back!


Debbie and Bobby said...

wow! Consider yourself blessed! I couldn't even ask my own dad to watch the kids and come back knowing he and the kids would be in one peice,lol! Glad you got some time away :o)

Lis said...

Awesome! Sometimes the smallest break is the best. I love that your Father in law is so sweet. And you found some awesome deals.