Feb 1, 2010

McDonald's and friends

I have never been a big fan of McDonald's. Unless we were traveling, we almost never ate. But winter here in Michigan is long, I mean, really long. And it's pretty cold out. You can do only so much of entertaining for kids, especially for 5-year-old boy with a lot of energy. My 3-year-old girl can be content inside with princess movies and baby dolls, but oh boy, J is another story. "Who is coming today to play with me today?" "Where are we going today?" "What are we doing today?" These are the questions sometimes I get before "Good morning!" So, I called my friends and see if they wanted to get together, this case, at McDonald's. Not for the foods, nor toys. But for the playland. Five hours of playing (i.e. getting energy out), making new friends, and obtaining a cheap plastic toy (this time, a Spiderman figure) along with who-knows-what-it's-made-from-burger for $10 is actually not a bad deal. "I don't do it often enough" is my justification of feeding the junk to my kids. More so, I enjoyed chatting with my friends. Food might not be healthy, but it sure was good for my mental health. A bonus point of that is those friends are Japanese. Good practice time for me and kids. Kids had a good time, and I had a good time. That makes it today a good day.

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beckmarsh said...

We opted for McDonald's playland last week when we didn't have school. The food *is* essentially garbage, but the boys seemed to have fun. We need to come up and visit you the next time we have a day off!