Jan 12, 2010

Happy Baby - Happy Mom

My baby has a lot of baby acne right now, so I'm using this beautiful picture my friend took a couple of weeks ago (picture courtesy of my dear friend, Kristin). But this is how he has been looking since yesterday afternoon, not a screaming little monster. I decided to start sleep training yesterday. As much as I enjoyed watching him sleeping next to me at night, sleep deprivation/exhaustion/tension headache was over-powering, and I was turning to be a monster, not a cute little one. So far, he has been an angel! I change him, nurse him, cuddle with him in a comfortable glider with a soft soothing music. And he slept! I had free hands! I even baked bread!! At first, I had a mix feeling of happiness and sadness, like sending a child away to school or something (which I have not yet experienced). He woke up crying. But when I picked him up, he stopped crying. Then, he looked at me in my eyes and smiled. He smiled and cooed. What a precious baby! I am so in love with this baby. Who said that "when mom is happy, everyone is happy"? So true. Happy sleeping baby makes happy Mommy, which make everyone else in the house happy. A chain reaction, in a very good way.

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