Feb 7, 2009

Princess Mama

Lately, Josh is into the whole thing of gender difference, just being a typical 4-year-old discovering things everyday. He reminds me almost daily, "Mommy and Mari are princess. Josh and Daddy are Samurai and military men. Right? Mommy and Mari are girls. Josh and Daddy are boys. Boys protect girls from bad guys." So, he carries his PVC pipe marshmallow gun everywhere, just in case he finds ghosts and spiders and bad guys around the corner. He even sleeps with it every night, along with his favorite pillow - they are his security items. He has promised me that he and Daddy will always protect me and Mari, his princesses. Technically, if Mari is a princess, I should be a queen (oh, I feel old!), I think. But for now, I'll enjoy the title "princess." Princess Mama. Yeah, I like that sound.

1 comment:

carizolli said...

That is the sweetest thing I've heard all day! I love that he's taking on the role of "protector"!

You are a lucky "Princess Mama" to have a 4-year old guardian with a marshmallow gun :)