Feb 11, 2009

Our new poppy

No, we didn't get another dog. Lately, our 2-year-old daughter loves playing being a poppy. She never barks, just like our dog never does. Or she never bites. She is a very friendly dog. She might lick your face, if she is really happy. She listens to commands for "sit" "shake" and "roll over." (Our dog doesn't roll over, so I don't know where she learned that trick.) She'll take a treat out of your hand, and drink water with her tongue. When she wants something, she sits and makes "a happy doggy face" - too bad she doesn't have a tail because I could see it wiggling. Did I mention her piggy tails? She is a cute poppy. Yeah, we'll keep this poppy.


Lis said...

what a sweet kid. I miss you guys. Just the other day Matt asked about you guys. We hope to hear from you soon.


carizolli said...

Oh how cute! I love kids' imaginations!