Feb 26, 2009

Not a good first impression, maybe

But give a chance, once. Maybe, just maybe, this guy looks ugly, with bumps and crevices. But it sure tastes good - BEST UPSIDE DOWN GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE. My husband's favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake. I dared him this is better than actual normal German Chocolate Cake. So I made it for his boss's birthday party as a try-out. You know, just in case I failed, he wanted a good German Chocolate Cake for his birthday. Well, he didn't want to say out loud, but he admitted that it is better than normal German Chocolate Cake (at least ones he has had in his life). This recipe came from a volunteer at a local hospice where I work.

1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup coconut
1 stick butter
1 - 8 oz cream cheese
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 German Chocolate Cake mix - the best is Betty Crocker Super Moist

Spray 13x9 pan with Pam spray. Sprinkle coconut and nuts in the bottom of the pan. Mix cake mix according to directions and pour over the nuts and coconut. Melt butter and cream cheese on med heat in large sauce pan. Add powdered sugar and stir until lumps are gone. Gently pour this mixture over the top of the cake batter. Bake at 350 degree for approximately 35 minutes. Insert toothpick if comes out clean it is done.

This cake will have peaks and valleys and crevices on the top. It is not pretty but is delicious.
Double the recipe for a crowd and use a 13x19 pan - baking time approximately the same.

My husband's grandmother might call it "a sweet spirit (i.e. ugly outside but pretty inside) ."
You never know what you are missing if you reject based on the first impression. Oh, I hope my hubby will bring a small piece home for me, but I fully doubt that....


Kristin said...

Mmm... Looks interesting! I might just try it. :)

Lis said...

sound yummy!

carizolli said...

That sound so incredibly delicious! I think I'll make it for my mom next time she's here. German Chocolate is her favorite too.

Thanks for the recipe.

Oh, and to answer your question about the pancake. I put pancake batter into a ziplock baggie and snipped off the end and piped it onto the hot pan :) you can do any shape that way! It works great! :)

Debbie and Bobby said...