Feb 22, 2009

Belated Valentine's Day post

On Valentine's day, I made waffles and fruit smoothie for breakfast. "This is the second time in our 8-years of marriage that I didn't make breakfast for you. I'm sorry, honey." That's what my dear husband said. I wanted to make that breakfast for him while he was still sleep. And it was a very good breakfast. Kids ate better than usual. Somehow I fell sleep on the couch after that (Didn't I just wake up?). It was so warm and just comfortable. I don't even remember how much I slept. It was a good snooze. Then I heard "Vrrrrrrrrroom!" A sound of vacuum! From basement! I woke up. I didn't see kids around me or on me. They were downstairs in basement with their daddy. He was working on his Valentine's Day gift - Mission: Cleaning Up Basement and Getting Junk Out Of The House. He took kids to basement so that I could catch up on some sleep. He de-cluttered basement, boxed up stuff for either storage or trash, took them out of the house, and vacuumed the basement! He apologized me for the Valentine's day gift being lame. Lame? Oh, no! I LOVED that gift. For me, that sent me a message of his love more than he could have with a dozen of roses. Not that I don't like a dozen of roses or gifts, but I just LOVE when he does things for me, like fixing up around the house with power tools and stuff, you know? Thank you, honey! It was a good Valentine's Day.

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carizolli said...

That is one of the sweetest Valentine gifts I've ever heard of! What a great hubby you have!